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Home Buyers CCTV Drain Survey

When buying a property a survey is carried out to make sure the building is structurally sound, but rarely would you be asked to check and see if there are any problems with the drainage system beneath the ground.  RK Enviro offer you the chance to survey the drainage pipes using specialist equipment to check for any cracked, broken or misaligned pipes. Faults like these can lead to costly repairs, regular call outs to clear blockages or issues with foul odours and rodents finding their way into your home further down the line. Once the survey has been carried out on your future home, we will review the CCTV footage and provide you with a detailed report (containing any issues that were found) and a quote for the estimated cost of repairs.

If you are interested in this service, we are available 24/7 and are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers and the environment.

Call now to get in touch today for your quote or email us using the link below.

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